Club Registration and Membership

Club Registrations to be applied for through your Area Secretary.

Individual memberships to be applied for through your club.

All memberships run January 1st to December 31st (See notes)

Club Registration and Membership

Club Registration - £50.00 / year

Judo Cubs - 3yrs - 5yrs - One off charge of £10.00

Juniors 6yrs - 15yrs inclusive - £20.00 / year

Seniors 16yrs and above - £25.00 / year

Timekeepers / Recorders / Referees and Associate members - £20.00 / year

Family Membership (3 or more from same immediate family) 20% reduction on above prices.

Life Membership £200.00   (Plus £4.00 insurance / year)


Senior Coaching Awards - £10.00

Junior Coaching Awards - £5.00

Refereeing Awards - £10.00 Senior

Senior TKR Awards - £10.00

Junior TKR Awards - £5.00


Replacement Licences - £3.00

No Charge for Award Renewals

New Members from 1st July at half price

New Members from November, Full fee but will last November, December and whole of following year

All NEW - Judo Cubs for children 3-5 years old

The Amateur Judo Association have introduced a Judo reward and membership scheme called Judo Cubs for children aged 3 to 5 years (inclusive). It’s in the form of a booklet and players get awarded with animal stickers to put in the book as a reward for judo skills achieved. There are 9 skill boxes altogether. The skills will generally be pre-set by your club or in certain cases can be tailored to aid an individual players developmental needs. Judo cubs gives players the same membership and insurance cover as a full member but at a much-reduced cost. It is a one off flat fee of £10 and lasts until the the player reaches 6 years old when they are expected to take out full membership (Black license). See your Club Secretary for more details.