Sunday 14th November 2021 – Remembrance Sunday Randori (101 Rounds)

On Remembrance Sunday 2021, the Merseyside Judo Association will be hosting a charity event to which all proceeds shall be donated to the laugh out loud foundation.

Venue: West Kirby Grammar School at Graham Road West Kirby, England, United Kingdom, CH48 5DP

Contact: Merseyside Judo Association.

Event entry £10. 

The laugh out loud foundation are a charity whom work to better the lives of current and ex service personnel, offering counselling, advice, assistance with day to day activities, PTSD and many other issues associated with Integrating back In to society. 

The day will be an endurance event and is not strictly competitive in nature. Although engaging in randori, participants will be expected to be considerate of training partners and pace themselves where applicable. 

Atmosphere will be friendly and the lead goal is for participants to complete all (or as many rounds as possible) whilst supporting other participants to do the same. 


  • 0900 Organisers meeting and set up.
  • 1000 Doors open for booking in.
  • 1030 Group warm up
  • 1055 Group Assembly
  • 1100 One minutes’ Silence
  • 1105 Commence event.


  • 25 x 2min Gi Tachi Waza
    5 min intermission
  • 25 x 2min Gi Ne Waza
    10 min intermission
  • 25 x 2min No Gi Tachi Waza
    5 min intermission
  • 26 x 2min No Gi Ne Waza


£10 entry per participant.

Further donations/sponsorships are welcome. 

Mood shall be light and friendly (Randori not Shiai). 

Juniors are welcome to participate. 

No shoes on the mat. Shoes / zori / sliders to be worn off the mat. 

Although participants are encouraged to complete the event, should the participant feel unwell or unfit to continue, they are advised to take breaks and resume or to drop out if necessary. 

Please contact event organisers for further information.