Saturday 21st September 2019 – (South) Western Area – Dan Grading and Kata Course

The (South) Western Area are holding a Dan Grading and Kata Course at Storrington Judo Club at Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, Spierbridge Road, Storrington, West Sussex  RH20 4BG.

All senior grade judokas are welcome to attend the Kata course which will start at 1pm. It will focus on Katame No Kata. It is open to all senior grades from the AJA, BJC and BJA.

Dan grading contests will start at 3pm.

Cost of Kata course only is £15

Cost of both Kata course and Dan grading is £25 total.

To register and for further information email:

All cheques made payable to AJA Western Area

Successful Dan grade fee is £15 and the pool sheets and line up results will be sent up to AJA Head Office for approval.