14th/15th April 2018 – Kazoku-Kan success at the Special Needs World Games

On the 13th April, Kazoku-Kan took 3 Judoka across the sea to Holland to compete in the SN World Games in Beverwijk. The largest SN competition in the world, set over 2 days saw no less than 550 competitors of all additional needs from all over the world taking part. Felicity Warburton from Blessed Edwards Catholic School, Liam Jones from Rigby Hall School in Bromsgrove, and Kazoku-Kan’s very own head coach, Rob Alloway. Liam and Felicity were fighting on Sunday and were in a poole of 5 people each. Felicity, being the only girl in her category, took her first opponent down with a fantastic leg reap, she was unlucky in her second and third contests but came back strong with a fantastic outer leg reap to secure the victory and earning enough to grab the Silver medal. Liam put up an equally strong show with his fights, winning his first with a body drop technique, losing out on his next contest but coming back strong for the third for a definitive win, losing out on his 4th contest but making enough attacks against his fellow competitors to get the Silver medal in his category. Rob was taking part in the Kata section of the weekend on the Saturday by partnering with Samurai Judo club’s own Olivia Turner, coming 4th overall out of 10 pairs in the the Nage-No-Kata, which is a standing performance of the Kata, missing out on the Bronze by 4 points. In the Katame-no-Kata which is a ground based series of holds which need to be executed as perfectly as possible, the pair did well enough to grab the Bronze medal.

Senior Instructor Rich Morrish said:- “To Take our members to global competitions and see them overcome their nerves to fight on such a high level is inspiring. SN Judo is truly inspirational to see in action, everyone is on a level playing field, no matter the level of additional needs they have with no sore losing, just lots of fun and respect for each other. To come away with 2 silver SN World medallists is just amazing. Kazoku-Kan truly is a Judo club without Barriers.”

Kazoku-Kan train every Friday at Physique fitness on the Berry Hill industrial estate, Droitwich Spa. For more information, email them at club@kazoku.uk